Friday, October 25, 2013

Ride my way!!

There are stages in life when you would want something very badly and don't have proper resources... There are stages in life when you have the resources but you don't have the drive to go ahead with your dreams... It has to just come together and come good in order to do what you ever wanted.

Whenever you hear a person that he traveled to the Himalayas where he rode a bike to reach the top... or he drove till Pondy, most of us would wish... damn... why didn't I think about that... or why didn't I push myself to do that... answer is called as Drive!! you just lack it... or worse you are in a denial mode!!

When the CTO of my newly joined company, Manny, told me that he traveled the breadth of the US on his bike along with his son, that made me feel how come these Americans or any foreigners for that matter have so much of free time... The answer is No... they get it DONE!! rather they make free time for themselves.
Ever since my childhood when I first laid my hands on my uncle's Royal Enfield Bullet, I knew what I wanted and what I would be riding when I had the resources. It has been 7 gratifying years on my ride and I have loved every second of it. This point of fact was realized when the CTO of my company pointed out and said... Nice Ride... It was a waft of air which made me realize.. yeah that is special ride that I have... and what all I have done to achieve that. It was not that no one has ever told me or talked to me regarding my bike... It's just that those people meant nothing to me... Mostly people who are surely shattered by the rising prices would question me about mileage or just be impressed and say nice ride!!

Fill it, Shut it, Forget it!! 
It is seriously a white elephant!! No matter how much you feed it... hunger wouldn't die... So stop bothering about the fuel prices... If you wanted a ride which would have given you 80+ kms per litre of petrol, you wouldn't dream of owning a Bullet!!

Keep it neat and clean!!
Either hire a person or do it yourself... but weekly cleaning and bi-weekly polish is a must.

No matter what you do, even if he is the best friend... you would rather give your life than giving your bike for a ride!! Sorry but that's a fact about most Bullet owners. They do not Share!! You would rather ruin your friendship than ruining your bike!! In that sense I am a little lucky cos most of my friends don't own a Bullet and all of them do not even question me about borrowing my bike!! Thank God for that!!

Apparently the 'Drive' needed to get a Royal Enfield Bullet was always there but it just took some time for me to realize what I need to sacrifice to achieve it. Dreams take long to realize... but once they do... they are really worth it.