Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Taking things for granted!!

In many ways I feel that friendships can take your life to another level. The improvements in your own life can occur if you have great company (not necessarily like-minded). Quite often I feel that and... now its kinda proved that we as individuals do not understand the amount of love and respect we have for others until we know and/or feel that we will not be able to meet and talk to them anymore (like before). We assume that and we take our friendships for granted.

Recently I had to face that harsh truth about life that couple of my friends whom I have known for quite some time now will not be able to have contact with me like before. I would not be able to visit them like before (whatever little contact I had) and I would not be able to have a drink with them (again whatever little time we spent)

Life is an exceptional teacher. We run behind money (applies to most in the IT world), we run behind recognition of our superiors @office and when we are thinking that we are building a career in this, what goes out un-noticed is that we spend very little or no time with the people whom we call friends and time which we used to take to hang out.

I am devastated at this point to know that I might never see them again but I am also happy that the choice made was the right one considering the position. Things will move on and I will get back to the normal (if you can call it) routine of my life. The reason I am devastated is that I never expressed that love for them. In most ways, I am not the person who does that. Hell I cant express how much I love my parents or my sister or my nephew. I guess I am not good at that so why try it. But somewhere it bites me that I should have done it in some sorts. I understand that this is not reciprocated from the other side as well but I think that feeling is very mutual.

Interesting part is the time that would come now. I still remember my first visit to the US where I was all alone and most of the time I would feel home sick. Out here I feel sick of home!! well that would be another story realistically speaking... Anyways... coming back to the point when I was feeling that way, I used to make various calls back home to ensure I had someone to talk to... to relieve my feeling of loneliness. As days went by, the frequency of those calls diminished and by my third visit to US, it had come to a single call when I reach there and a call when I leave US to come back to India. The point being, people would move on in life and knowingly or unknowingly everyone has the power to adjust to the present.
I understand that my friends would probably make a call when they get there or none at all but I cherish that feeling of being there for them and which in this case would be forever.

Love you Bu's. Miss you guys.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ride my way!!

There are stages in life when you would want something very badly and don't have proper resources... There are stages in life when you have the resources but you don't have the drive to go ahead with your dreams... It has to just come together and come good in order to do what you ever wanted.

Whenever you hear a person that he traveled to the Himalayas where he rode a bike to reach the top... or he drove till Pondy, most of us would wish... damn... why didn't I think about that... or why didn't I push myself to do that... answer is called as Drive!! you just lack it... or worse you are in a denial mode!!

When the CTO of my newly joined company, Manny, told me that he traveled the breadth of the US on his bike along with his son, that made me feel how come these Americans or any foreigners for that matter have so much of free time... The answer is No... they get it DONE!! rather they make free time for themselves.
Ever since my childhood when I first laid my hands on my uncle's Royal Enfield Bullet, I knew what I wanted and what I would be riding when I had the resources. It has been 7 gratifying years on my ride and I have loved every second of it. This point of fact was realized when the CTO of my company pointed out and said... Nice Ride... It was a waft of air which made me realize.. yeah that is special ride that I have... and what all I have done to achieve that. It was not that no one has ever told me or talked to me regarding my bike... It's just that those people meant nothing to me... Mostly people who are surely shattered by the rising prices would question me about mileage or just be impressed and say nice ride!!

Fill it, Shut it, Forget it!! 
It is seriously a white elephant!! No matter how much you feed it... hunger wouldn't die... So stop bothering about the fuel prices... If you wanted a ride which would have given you 80+ kms per litre of petrol, you wouldn't dream of owning a Bullet!!

Keep it neat and clean!!
Either hire a person or do it yourself... but weekly cleaning and bi-weekly polish is a must.

No matter what you do, even if he is the best friend... you would rather give your life than giving your bike for a ride!! Sorry but that's a fact about most Bullet owners. They do not Share!! You would rather ruin your friendship than ruining your bike!! In that sense I am a little lucky cos most of my friends don't own a Bullet and all of them do not even question me about borrowing my bike!! Thank God for that!!

Apparently the 'Drive' needed to get a Royal Enfield Bullet was always there but it just took some time for me to realize what I need to sacrifice to achieve it. Dreams take long to realize... but once they do... they are really worth it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carnatic Music: Not a forgotten art anymore!!

Music is an art form, the elements of which are sound and silence. The emotion that results out of music affects not only the performer, but also in the listener. It is as easy for a person to lose onself in singing, as in listening.
From the ancient times of Purandara Daasa, Tyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar to the modern world of Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Smt. M. S. Sheela and Dr. T. S. Sathyavathi, people who bring this art in to the world as well as practice it are treated with respect. Be it instrumental or vocal, Carnatic music is regarded as the best in the world when it comes to the complex compositions as well as simple subtlety in it.
The origin of music, people say was from the nature. It was amusing to the human mind to hear and mimic the sounds of nature which included the sounds of birds and animals. For example, Imagine a simple tap on the wood by the axe of a wood cutter with equal intervals of time can create “Taala”. Throw in the sounds of birds chirping and you can get the music of the nature. Of the saptaswaras (seven primary notes), each note is said to be emanating from a particular animal. For example, the cuckoo (kokila) sings in the ‘panchama’ and the elephant (pikaH kUjati panchamam … niShAdam bRimhate gajaH). Thus, the various sounds that Nature gave us became ‘swara’s (Musical sound of a single note: Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni) hence forming a Raaga which then makes music.
In the ancient times, it was tough for common people to study or seek music. It was the “Pitamaha” of Carnatic music, PurandaradAsa, who simplified the teaching process and helped even a common man attain this peace. Even Saint Tyagaraja’s ‘kriti’s are egalitarian. Our Haridasas brought music to the masses with their kirtanas that were universally appealing.
Carnatic music is sought about these days as therapy also. It is something that people go after to get some peace of mind. Listening to the scores of instruments like a Santoor or Bansuri will definitely calm the nerves. Carnatic music even attracts foreign students (in turn their culture) not only to practice it but to study the various raagas and efficient ways of mastering it. The influence of our culture in Carnatic Music is equally influencing the people around the world as much as the western culture in our society. This is very positive since it makes people of our generation to take the best of both worlds and make it their own. The formation of the Fusion music in which East meets West is one such discovery of this century. Dr. L Subramaniam is one such artist who is more in to Fusion of Carnatic and Western music.
Music Philanthropist Mr. T V Sairam (Mumbai’s commissioner for Central Excise), in his book “Healing with Music” says that practitioners of Carnatic music are fully aware of the power and influence of the raagas as a balm for the mind. He further clarifies that "Some raagas such as Darbari-Kanhara, Khamaj and Pooriya were strongly recommended by ancient vaids for defusing tension of the mind, particularly during episodes of hysteria. Hypertension is another health ailment that responds positively to music. Raagas such as Ahirbhairav and Thodi have been recommended for patients with high blood pressure. On the other hand, low blood pressure is healed with the Raaga Malkauns, believed to have supernatural energy.”

** Special thanks to Parijatha for helping out with the content and proof reading.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Transition!

As I start writing my latest blog, the room is calm... no sound... The lights and the fan which used to run non stop for an entire day is now kinda confused by the silence... Simba, my dog can never make her wake up at 8:30 in the morning by barking out loud... nor will he see her hugging him or making him eat his breakfast whilst she sits by his side... Things have changed and how... 
Every girl has her moments in life... biggest ones are HER first Love... Marriage... Kids... it goes on... but of course for a girl who is more of a shy & reserved types... Marriage is a huge thing!! This is about one such girl...
I had always thought that this time would come in my life sooner than later that my parents and I will have to get my lil sister married... I didn't know that it would come in such a hurry... Further more... when we started renovating our home in that very time, little did we know that my sis would be engaged in less than a month!! Huge surprise that... Anyways now that the things are little settled, I can look back as the greatest achievement personally to my family that we could hold things together.
She was never a party goer... she has a pretty close knit people whom she goes out with... very conservative... and when she finally thought this dude was the person... we were thrilled... I was happy cos I un-cannily knew when I met Raveendra the first time that he was down to earth, cool... More I talked to him... more did I find out that he is a meticulous planner and executor of that plan... straight forward and easily said... Simple!! Probably never can anyone get a better animal for husband who can be so understanding in their first meet and patience is as if flowing in his blood along with the RBCs!!
So she got engaged in December and we all thought we had plenty of time to get things moving and get things done. Mom being orthodox wanted all the right things at right time... We started planning and little did we know, Raveendra was already planning for things to come after the marriage. I was amazed by the thought process. He rented out a place... while we were getting invitations printed... He was getting his furniture done when we were listing out people to call for the wedding...
Meantime... my little sister was very busy moving all over bangalore for obvious girly dreamy things... make up, dresses and slippers and dresses matching those slippers Jesus whats with girls and matching slippers god knows!! I would rather she did all the same with her would be hubby!! Anyways thats her call to take...
Finally the day arrived and it flew... Little can I remember now what happened those few days when I feel now that I was literally running blind but getting things done somehow. 
Now sittin in the portico I just sometimes feel I should try re-collect some intricate details but i cant... May be thats for another story altogether... Peace out!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From scratch to stitches and back!!

How does it feel to start a relationship from scratch... Imagine happening the same on a consistent basis... hard isn't it... HE was apparently facing the same...
SHE always used to be pleasant with him... wishing him good morning... smile when he saw her... talk to him when he talked to her... but not the first person to start a conversation... only if she had a problem or only when she really wanted to talk!!
Wanting a relationship always demands patience which HE had that in plenty... So he usually kept quiet about all that was happening... It was really hard for him to reset whenever SHE used to talk to him as if she spoke to a stranger... even when they wud have shared a coffee the previous evening...
All he wanted really was a friend whom he could talk to but one leads to another and HE was now really interested in this girl... but confused at how to move forward..
The conversations that would occur were usually very nice and pleasant and it would be on topics that both would love to talk about. There was once a day when he took her out for lunch and suddenly it started to rain... It didn't stop for the next 2 hrs and he had the most beautiful time which he thought he would remember for his life time... There were many lunches and many coffees hence forward... Whenever he discussed HER with his friends, there were mixtures of opinions... some would say that she was good in using people around her... some would say that she really liked him and he should probably take it to the next level... He was being more patient in letting himself understand this girl better... He would listen to his friends and then he used to sit still thinking about what next when he had an enchanting evening wid her... and then the next day... everything would come crashing down on him...
His friends would always advise him... No one won a lottery without buying a ticket... or atleast having it... dude when u want a relationship... U shud be ready to be taken for granted... Just a test... but HE always used to feel... ok... but how long?!!
The day arrived when he wanted to guts it out and let her know what he thinks and when that came... He went around his place to get her nice gift and then planned to say it that weekend when he met her... She accepted the gift rather in a very immature manner and asked him whether She could give them to someone who could use that... and that he knew was kinda nail in the coffin... When he told her finally... that He liked her very much... she didnt even waste a minute in letting him know that she had a steady relationship with another guy... That was the final nail...
HE still talks to this girl in a very pleasant way but now knows where and how to keep his distance. She... even now tries to get things done from him... only HE ain't falling no more!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shraddha - A play that makes u think!!

I feel that a Father and son's relationship is most complex yet interesting... Many of us might feel... guys usually get along with their mothers better than their dads... in most case its true... for all of us... mother always means love and affection... and dad means respect (decision maker in the family)... love will be there somewhere for dad... but we are too shy to get it out and say it loud... I have never done that so I know how it is if you feel the same...
This past weekend... ie on 27th June 2010... I became over-whelmed with emotions to see my friend Vj (Vinayak Joshi - Radio Jockey in Radio City 91.1 FM) direct a play and dedicate to his beloved. This apparently is a national award winning drama. I could relate many things that Vj said through his play... I had taken my parents who had their own experiences played out in front of their eyes... At some point or the other everyone in the room could recognize the character played by Prabhakar Rao as themselves and Vinayak as their Dad. At one such occasion my mother had tears when she saw dad giving money to his son who would be on his way to another city... She remembered her dad giving her money when she used to go to college and I could see tears in her eyes. Since this was the first time I saw a play... I was totally blown away by the artistic thinking and different dimensions a play could give you and make u understand a concept in a simple humorous way. I also loved the video that started the play where two people speak about their beloved dad who are not in this world... very touchy... and the video in the end symbolizes how the generations before us are adjusting to the existing culture and how people are closing this generation gap!!
The song Nischinthanaagabekanthi... is one of the best tracks I have heard in recent times... The theme for the play makes you hum it for a long time... ever so much in the spirits of the message given out by the play...

My Dad always had a soft corner for my sister... Oh how MAD I used to get at that... no matter she being the culprit... I used to always be blamed for it... I grew up hating my sister for this... She had unknowingly convinced my grandparents that I was Ravan!! I somehow started liking being the demon that I was... being hated was easy... being unpredictable was fun!! But then as we grew older... I started feeling that it wasn't that way... people tend to be like that with girls because any given day.. they are not going to stay at their parent's place... they eventually will get married... Not only that we usually lack the maturity to think why people bring in discipline at an early age to children... All is well now... Personally speaking... now... dad and I... sometimes we are together when we pull someone else's leg (usually its my mom or sister)... other times having huge arguments about getting things done... It would always be his pride against my ego... or likewise... Some other times... no time to talk!! Or even if we have a chat its just to the point... and beeep... the phone is cut!! Anyways... I love my sister more than anyone in my life now... and for dad... I have my respects as he is the decision maker!! well not all the time... now that mom is equal in that position!!

Here was an attempt to say to our generation that guys... wake up... stop taking parents or any relationship for granted... well taking for granted to a certain extent symbolizes love and affection... but we do need to put a line to it... I am very thankful to Vj for bringing in this message loud and clear!!

Team - Vinayak Joshi (Dad), Prabhakar Rao (Son), Nakshatra (Prankster), Tejas (Prankster), Ajit Thandur (Teacher), Manohar Joshi (Videography), Raja (Guitarist), Varijashree, Some wonderful tracks from Varun Pradeep (Music Director), absolutely brilliant soul dancing from Umesh (Choreography), Abhishek (Lighting), Arun murthy (Lighting), Sudhee (Cameraman), Siri, Poornima sukumar, Manujunath, Ashish acharya, Pradeep, Shreedhar Rao, Shreevatsa HK, Suraj, Shadakshari, Kiran shreedhar, Bizi Kumar, Rudreshvaraiah, Uma maheshwara, Santosh, Manju, Ahmed, Adda gang, buzzin-town and Joshi Chitra productions.

PS: Please forgive me if I have missed anyone!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rayarannu kandaaga!! - Memorable day... (28th May 2010)

Rao actually means "Someone who is in an esteemed position... Someone called with dignity... who commands respect..." I am not saying this because my surname is Rao... Unfortunately my surname was lost when my Dad wrote his name in SSLC exam nomination forms and he became Muralidhar ever since... and my fate was sealed without the surname which I dutifully kept it myself... In-fact 'Raya' meant King... 'Rayaru'(plural form) was what they used to call people who were mostly zamindars or of higher caste!! This was 100-200 years back... now it has become Rao!! and mostly used in South India and Maharastra. For that matter an exception is... Rao Iftikar you can call him South Indian although he is a paki fast bowler... sorry for that poor joke!!
Anyways... this surname thing meant a lot when I talked to a person who was an inspiration to my Dad!! Most of you would have seen him on TV years back... He was mostly playing roles of a politician... or a villainous role mostly.. U might ask whats the difference... anyways... He is elder brother to Dattatreya ('Mayamruga' fame!!) I have never seen a person who can command that kind of respect other than my grandfather... gentle yet very much in control of what he is saying and doing... Suddenly the surname factor hit me...
My Dad used to always talk about his writings which was one of his first few works... "SomaNNana Stockninda" novel (articles) used to be published by "Karmaveera" magazine long back... my Dad being an avid reader that he is... usually would look forward for these articles... This had so much of influence on my Dad that he used to relate/read out certain instances from those articles to me... I was surprised how he could remember... Well.. last month... it was my Dad's Bday on April 23rd... I wanted to gift him something special... unusual... no flowers... no cakes... no celebration at home... nothing that would make him forget that it happened after some time... but something to cherish for a long time...
I started searching for this person back in march this year... worst part was that the publisher of the book had passed away and there was no stock at all... phew... My weekends would always be going around Bangalore searching for this book...then came facebook to the rescue... I somehow got in touch with many people who started my search again... Finally I got his residence number from a friend in facebook Beesu... one of premiere theater and film actor... now co-producer... I started talking to the one and only H G Somashekar Rao!! Such a humble person... at first he asked me many questions but I requested to meet him in person and then answer all his queries...
So on May 29th, I took my Dad who had absolutely no idea where he was going and met SomaNNa in person... Wat a feeling!! I have never seen my Dad so excited and happy... SomaNNa read out some of his newspaper columns for us... My Dad in turn stated some verses from his novel... very impressive indeed considering he never read the novel and all he read were excerpts from the magazine... SomaNNa asked me how did I come to know where he lived and I had to tell him the whole story right from the very beginning... He was over-joyed... When I told him that at one instant I went to a book store I forgot his name as well as the book's name... he couldn't stop laughing... It was an hour long meeting with many many experiences shared...
My Dad got all SomaNNa sir's works personally autographed!! Prob dated as the best gift I could ever think of giving it to him... Now Dad also has SomaNNa sir's residence number as well so that he can call him up anytime he wishes...
I would like to thank Dharmashree, Abhishek SN, Mrs. Indira Sundar (Sundara Prakashana) and finally Beesu Suresh for their help provided... invaluable indeed!!