Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Taking things for granted!!

In many ways I feel that friendships can take your life to another level. The improvements in your own life can occur if you have great company (not necessarily like-minded). Quite often I feel that and... now its kinda proved that we as individuals do not understand the amount of love and respect we have for others until we know and/or feel that we will not be able to meet and talk to them anymore (like before). We assume that and we take our friendships for granted.

Recently I had to face that harsh truth about life that couple of my friends whom I have known for quite some time now will not be able to have contact with me like before. I would not be able to visit them like before (whatever little contact I had) and I would not be able to have a drink with them (again whatever little time we spent)

Life is an exceptional teacher. We run behind money (applies to most in the IT world), we run behind recognition of our superiors @office and when we are thinking that we are building a career in this, what goes out un-noticed is that we spend very little or no time with the people whom we call friends and time which we used to take to hang out.

I am devastated at this point to know that I might never see them again but I am also happy that the choice made was the right one considering the position. Things will move on and I will get back to the normal (if you can call it) routine of my life. The reason I am devastated is that I never expressed that love for them. In most ways, I am not the person who does that. Hell I cant express how much I love my parents or my sister or my nephew. I guess I am not good at that so why try it. But somewhere it bites me that I should have done it in some sorts. I understand that this is not reciprocated from the other side as well but I think that feeling is very mutual.

Interesting part is the time that would come now. I still remember my first visit to the US where I was all alone and most of the time I would feel home sick. Out here I feel sick of home!! well that would be another story realistically speaking... Anyways... coming back to the point when I was feeling that way, I used to make various calls back home to ensure I had someone to talk to... to relieve my feeling of loneliness. As days went by, the frequency of those calls diminished and by my third visit to US, it had come to a single call when I reach there and a call when I leave US to come back to India. The point being, people would move on in life and knowingly or unknowingly everyone has the power to adjust to the present.
I understand that my friends would probably make a call when they get there or none at all but I cherish that feeling of being there for them and which in this case would be forever.

Love you Bu's. Miss you guys.

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