Monday, June 28, 2010

Shraddha - A play that makes u think!!

I feel that a Father and son's relationship is most complex yet interesting... Many of us might feel... guys usually get along with their mothers better than their dads... in most case its true... for all of us... mother always means love and affection... and dad means respect (decision maker in the family)... love will be there somewhere for dad... but we are too shy to get it out and say it loud... I have never done that so I know how it is if you feel the same...
This past weekend... ie on 27th June 2010... I became over-whelmed with emotions to see my friend Vj (Vinayak Joshi - Radio Jockey in Radio City 91.1 FM) direct a play and dedicate to his beloved. This apparently is a national award winning drama. I could relate many things that Vj said through his play... I had taken my parents who had their own experiences played out in front of their eyes... At some point or the other everyone in the room could recognize the character played by Prabhakar Rao as themselves and Vinayak as their Dad. At one such occasion my mother had tears when she saw dad giving money to his son who would be on his way to another city... She remembered her dad giving her money when she used to go to college and I could see tears in her eyes. Since this was the first time I saw a play... I was totally blown away by the artistic thinking and different dimensions a play could give you and make u understand a concept in a simple humorous way. I also loved the video that started the play where two people speak about their beloved dad who are not in this world... very touchy... and the video in the end symbolizes how the generations before us are adjusting to the existing culture and how people are closing this generation gap!!
The song Nischinthanaagabekanthi... is one of the best tracks I have heard in recent times... The theme for the play makes you hum it for a long time... ever so much in the spirits of the message given out by the play...

My Dad always had a soft corner for my sister... Oh how MAD I used to get at that... no matter she being the culprit... I used to always be blamed for it... I grew up hating my sister for this... She had unknowingly convinced my grandparents that I was Ravan!! I somehow started liking being the demon that I was... being hated was easy... being unpredictable was fun!! But then as we grew older... I started feeling that it wasn't that way... people tend to be like that with girls because any given day.. they are not going to stay at their parent's place... they eventually will get married... Not only that we usually lack the maturity to think why people bring in discipline at an early age to children... All is well now... Personally speaking... now... dad and I... sometimes we are together when we pull someone else's leg (usually its my mom or sister)... other times having huge arguments about getting things done... It would always be his pride against my ego... or likewise... Some other times... no time to talk!! Or even if we have a chat its just to the point... and beeep... the phone is cut!! Anyways... I love my sister more than anyone in my life now... and for dad... I have my respects as he is the decision maker!! well not all the time... now that mom is equal in that position!!

Here was an attempt to say to our generation that guys... wake up... stop taking parents or any relationship for granted... well taking for granted to a certain extent symbolizes love and affection... but we do need to put a line to it... I am very thankful to Vj for bringing in this message loud and clear!!

Team - Vinayak Joshi (Dad), Prabhakar Rao (Son), Nakshatra (Prankster), Tejas (Prankster), Ajit Thandur (Teacher), Manohar Joshi (Videography), Raja (Guitarist), Varijashree, Some wonderful tracks from Varun Pradeep (Music Director), absolutely brilliant soul dancing from Umesh (Choreography), Abhishek (Lighting), Arun murthy (Lighting), Sudhee (Cameraman), Siri, Poornima sukumar, Manujunath, Ashish acharya, Pradeep, Shreedhar Rao, Shreevatsa HK, Suraj, Shadakshari, Kiran shreedhar, Bizi Kumar, Rudreshvaraiah, Uma maheshwara, Santosh, Manju, Ahmed, Adda gang, buzzin-town and Joshi Chitra productions.

PS: Please forgive me if I have missed anyone!!


  1. Thanks to Shakti Shadak in helping me compiling team names!

  2. thanks for the lovely review..

    well if the play play has made you think so much, den i have done my job successfully :)

  3. hey ajay.... this blog shows how much u think about ur family (which is really nice) and also how good Shradhha is :) very well expressed!!

  4. @Aarthi: Thanks... next time Vj does a play... u wud have 2 tickets reserved...
    @Vj: Yes dude... u did ur job well for sure...

  5. Hi..Nice post..By the way, where can I download the "Nischinthanaagabekanthi" track? Is there any way where can I download / listen to it?


  6. You can request RJ Vinayak Joshi ( He can send it to your mail account.