Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet the bu's!!

Sometimes feel that I should write about a subject.... but then... I don't usually find time to think on a subject as much as I have time to write about the days I have been through... Many may feel that I usually hand out lavish praises to my near and dear ones but I feel that this is not true as these praises come straight from the heart... no pretensions...
Coming back to the topic... saturday... I happened to meet two of my closest friends... I lovingly call them the bu's!!... perfect couple...
My friendship with rajibu (jibu) goes back... way back... to just 5 years... hehehe... but then it seems longer... I happened to be in US for the first time... and I knew he would be coming to US and to the same hotel after 9 days... Actually I didnt even know him then... but when we met eventually I was overjoyed since I was almost down and out in that place... Rajiv sensed this and gave me much needed advise to keep my positive energy. I will never forget that. Jibu became a close friend when we got a friend's place for rent. Here we had a deal every morning without even talking that I would make the breakfast and he would do the dishes... served us well... I learnt that behind that sense of humor there was a very methodical, practical, decisive... man if ever I had seen one. I have learnt many many precious things from him that has made me be the person I am today!
Hemibu... well we were friends even before we met!! and when we met, I was too shy to talk... (The day she came for Agile Interview!!) we were not at all introduced but then we both knew each other!! Hemibu was jibu's fiancee when jibu and I were in USA... I had sacrificed my room to jibu and used to sleep in the hall since he would be busy with hemi and her calls most of the night and I didnt intend to be kabab mein haddi!! May be when jibu used to talk about the day he has been thru... my name would have slipped more often than not because I was such an idiot at that time!! Well... with jibu's training!! (:-p), I was a changed man by the end of that trip!! and I pledged to be excessively happy hence forward!! May be all this were in detail posted to hemi!! So we kinda knew eachother before we actually met...
The best part about a friend's wedding is that all the other friends who happen to know eachother casually will become closer... This is what happened when Joshi bhai got married... Hemi, Jibu and myself became fast friends thanks to tat!!. Hemi is funny, articulate, and most tolerant creature. She can be hurt very easily but wid jibu and me around can come out of it as well and she will be her chirpy self in not more than 10 mins!!
I strongly feel that both bu's and me have a I love the bu's for the simple reason that they love me more!! They know everything about me and its viceversa... even with our busy schedule, we keep in touch and make sure we meet up atleast once in two weeks!! depends more often than not how much of work jibu has!! :-p


  1. Oooh!!!! I dont know what to say... This is truly awesome... No one has ever done this for us..

  2. This is for special people!! Both of you two are special to me!!