Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wait!!... a Decision...

HE was struggling at his office because he had to leave in another 10 mins to go meet his girl whom he used to drop every day from her office to a nearby bus stop... Not that SHE couldn't manage that but this was their only time to discuss... plan... rather just talk about their day and peace out... They used to be on phone for almost 2 hrs a day but still this meeting was very much needed for both.
It was raining... and November rain that was... he left his office at 5:30 PM... only to reach her office at 6:20 PM... she expected him to be there by 6 PM... damn... as always he wanted an excuse... well... rain it was!! He had the fastest road bike... still couldn't be on time when she needed him... well most of the cases... but he used to make the effort!!. She used to tell him... for every mistake that he committed he would be forgiven but the incident would not be forgotten!!
He started dialing her number and there was just ringtone at the other end... she did not pick the call... Has she already gone to the bus stop... can't be!!... He dialed again... no luck... well... he couldn't go inside her office as she had strictly told him not to go there... Lets try this one more time... She picked up the call eventually and could only muster three words... In a meeting!! before she hung up on him...
In every relationship you come across a time where you have to make a decision that would eventually mould your relationship based on it. He decided to wait for her... in the rain.. shivering... The decision was that he had taken the responsibility to wait for her no matter what... this, in long term, even meant that he shouldn't complain when he waited for her later... he wouldn't complain even if she didn't come... He thought over all these things in a matter of minutes and decided to WAIT... She eventually came out of her office at 8:15 PM... hugged him... sorry I couldn't come out of the dreaded meeting soon enough... why didn't u go home?!!?... he didn't reply nor did he complain... I love you so much he said and as usual dropped her to the bus stop...
After several years... HE has now realized that SHE loved him more that evening... She loves him even today but things are way different now... She is a mother of two and happy with her family... They still keep in touch and talk... only HE didn't realize that the WAIT was a DECISION of a LIFETIME!!


  1. Awesome...was wondering what msg this little writeup may carry...good writing. We all wait for people close to our heart. No matter what decisions, judegements we make on the way, we wait....patiently for that one person who turely was meant to be together.

  2. i can somehow read between the lines here.... but regardless its an amazing write up AJ.


  3. Thank you bhai... :-p yes u can read between the lines for sure...