Friday, September 4, 2009

Made in Heaven!

Someone I know (with a colorful name!) once commented that "Pairs are made in heaven"... that made me think.... How does this person know that... or for that matter how does anyone know that pairs are made in heaven?
Its always WE who decide on what kind of person we want as our counterpart for life! isnt it?
Btw... yes, i do agree in some terms that pairs (read as marriages) are made in heaven in a more spiritual way (watever spirituality left in me!!) but then the effort should always be from our side in firstly recognizing and then seizing the oppurtunity to go ahead and express our feelings to them. They may not agree in the beginning because everyone is circumspect and that is human nature... but in time, they "may" accept that your feelings are true and will be with you for the rest of your life together!
There are many things in life which we cant explain... one of them is this... some are lucky enough to find love at their first attempt and some keep on trying till they settle down for something that can be considered as a compromise in life... and then there are some for whom all these dont matter... for them its a discovery... They love to find out what their partner is after they get married...
The next question that lies ahead of us is what makes a guy and a girl like each other and how they go about building their liking in to a relationship... well... may be the chemistry of the brain is such that we try to find out what we lack as a character... in the other person and get attracted to that part in most of the cases... this is very generic way of saying but i believe this is very much the way it goes...

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