Friday, October 9, 2009

My Quest for a better life... Thanks to Dr JP!

At the end of the Quest the major finding about the entire episode is that PEACE can be found from with in and no where else... we should just go ahead and find it... FAITH is something we need to have that we can find that peace from with in! Deep isn't it... but true
This past year I was suffering from various issues... firstly I had joined a company where I didn't wish to be in... with that I had started developing symptoms and eventually got gastroenteritis. I happened to try many ways to heal this but none successful...
I met Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (shortly as Dr. JP) in march 2008 and mainly because I had lost hope in all other forms of medication and had lost hope that I would get better thanks to many people who said that the gastroenteritis problem was permanent... only Dr JP thought otherwise... He not only helped me get rid of my issues in a matter of very short time... he gave me counselling that has made me what I am today... Dr. JP told me that I had to reduce my weight and that is the major cause of all the issues I had... He is the start of the Quest that I was after... actually that I am still after... and the goals keep on increasing...
By then I had joined the company that I am in now... AOL... where I found some very nice people who shared the same feeling about fitness... My gym trainer Naveen in AOL is such a motivator who not only keeps fit himself but gave some nice advice... Good company really helped me to keep it going... and that was present in AOL where I found my friends (Vivi, G5, to some extent Vinance!! ) being fitness freaks!!
For any building... the foundation needs to be good... I guess I had read that somewhere so un-knowingly I started building the foundation!! I ran for 40 minutes everyday on a treadmill and did reps of smaller weights... crunches and elliptical... for 2 hrs everyday for 2 months... when I lost over 10 kgs... Big thanks to Naveen...
The next phase was interesting as it included loads of convincing myself!! I met a friend Vinay who told that he learnt swimming and had lost lot of weight... Hydrophobic that I was... it was really tough to convince myself that I could do this... Somehow I joined and completed the course of 21days in may this year... and I have been swimming ever since from 5 AM to 6 AM in the morning... regardless of the weather and conditions... The result is amazing... I lost the fear of water and lost lot of weight too... The whole routine that I have managed to keep alive has definitely given me rich dividends... I have not only lost close to 28 kgs... I have made some very nice friends along the way... The end result is the personality and positive attitude that I have developed in the past year is a byproduct of the efforts that have gone in towards it.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan:
I have to thank Dr. JP for his faith in me. There are many other things that make him a great man... His Ayurvedic treatment and counselling has solved many complex cases where the patients have been left to nothing by other medications... When I met him yesterday, I was talking to a person whose brother had an accident 3 months ago... Her brother, all of 26 yrs, had lost speech and couldn't walk... The orthopedic specialist who used to come to their home couldn't help him... and the case was almost closed when they came to Dr. JP. By and large most doctors usually give up or give reference for another specialist... but Dr. JP took this challenge and the results are there to see... This guy came walking to his clinic for a consultation and answered many questions that was asked.
Another case was of a central govt employee whose gross motor skills was solved... He had to literally convince the patient's family so that he can treat. Dr. JP has solved many cases which can be called miracles yet he is modest and has the humility to take GOD's name in whatever he does. He is the 4th generation of Ayurvedic specialists in his family and has practiced ayurveda for over 30 yrs now.
In the end all I have to say is that treatment can be given by any doctor but Peace, Faith that the issues can be resolved is given by some. Dr. JP is one such man! and I am happy to be his friend.