Friday, April 24, 2009

Election selection... IPL mania!

Dad's Birthday couldn't have been more special!!
Thursday, the day of action... elections in Bangalore... 46% vote... Bangalore need to do more of the jaagore concept i would assume...
There were still instances of my pals (Captain especially) attending office... and their managers telling them that voting just takes 10 mins of their time... This would be a criminal offence and a non-bailable one at that...
Good to know that all of my friends still exercised their veto power and lets hope there are some changes around... with BJP and its operation kamal in full swing, the phase shift assumed would be a little tougher... how would Bangalore react to de-famed JDS is something to be taken notice as well... I don't know what congress is doing or what is their position in this elections.. All the best to all of them... With almost 28 candidates... out of which 25 of them are independent(Their voting symbols.. violin, torch, sewing machine, cricket bat!! lolz!!) ... the elections are going to be fun this time around in Bangalore... I was just stating Bangalore North constituency. All of those independent candidates would have shelled out atleast 15 lakhs on this election campaign... what a waste of money!!
The bifurcation of the constituencies are kinda confusing with Basaveshwaranagar which is hardly 1 km from my place being Bangalore central!!! Anyways...
This was the first time that my family voted together... and all of us went ahead to the place like a marriage party!! at 7:30 AM... even a crow wouldnt have woken up at that time!! (btw how many of you have seen 7:30AM on a non-working day... point to ponder!) but still my dad's logic made us do that.. which is... "Vote before someone else does on your name!!" makes sense with lots of names missing and loads of others being mis-guided!!

After meeting Brat and boyz... we went home to witness a peach of a game (IPL T20 cricket) Shane warne's rajasthan royals stole the game right under KKR's feet!! Ganguly was devastated... dude had played really well and btw I have never seen Ganguly run those singles and twos so fast!! Yusuf pathan was in the end too hot to handle for Mr Mendis... (who was a great buy for KKR team! Rookie Kamran Khan was good as well... This was, by far, the best game so far in the tournament.. Hope to see more of that!!


  1. Dude, BJP and operation kamala, ah how they poached politicians and in the end Yeddi says people have accepted defections as a way of life. Balls to him!! And I would personally like the BJP to stay out of the government just for the simple reason that I would not like Sri Ram Senes to pop up in each state.

    I would totally agree with Murali uncles's logic to go out and vote early in the morning. I did that but still found that my name was not in the list!!

    Lastly dont you think Kamran Khan chucks??

  2. Comments on BJP and ram sene... well they are yours!! hahaha!! but no Kamran doesnt chuck...