Thursday, April 30, 2009

One last hurray!!

Dad's retirement today... 37 years in a single company!! BEML... the company responsible for what he is today and what we are today as family.. comes to an end... well... wat a day... probably as a son... once in a lifetime kinda day... It’s amazing for our generation to have such a day... since we will not be able to give our children that kind of an experience but who knows what will happen in the future... anyways
Well I was also a part of one of the most revered man's retirement that was Mr Ramaswamy Iyengar who was the father figure in my mother's office (LIC of India)... It was quite accidental that I was present that saturday as I was passing by her office and happened to know that it was his last day in office... People spoke great things about him... and the respect oozed in every word they said... quite an experience
I always knew that my Dad was well respected but how much is what I got to see... It was overwhelming... Btw I had prepared for this day for a long time now... almost 2 years and when that day came.. I had goose bumps all over... I am sure my dad had too! He apparently couldn’t stop smiling… wonderful to see that… We went on the inspection round of the hospital which he showed with great pride… I am really proud to see his achievements and was very much privileged.
Well in the first place my dad had to give some reason to leave (retire)... what more than my marriage!! as his utmost important family commitment. I was impressed by that but then when people asked me about it I said it’s my mother's constant issue getting up at 4 AM in the morning which would be put to sleep!!
There were many people unhappy (Infact everyone including his boss CMO!) that they are going to miss their AO sir (Administrative Officer) Many staff were telling me that its sad to know that there will not be their loved AO sir ordering, teaching or guiding them anymore... But unfortunately thats the way it is... life has to move on.. Someone else will live up to the challenge of administering a hospital and could improve upon what my Dad has done so far... People were voicing their opinion that their AO should stay for another year or so except two of the doctors... Dr Mythili and Dr Shanti who talked some sense... Talking more about the respect it was evident the way people came till the gate (including the Chief Medical Officer CMO, my Dad's boss!) to give a grand send off and the gifts that they gave told the story! One Mr Mahesh had gifted with a writing in it which quotes
"To the greatest person who is responsible in guiding me to the right path... this is my small gift to you". People did 3 cheers for AO sir when we left the building… mesmerizing!!
They say that engineers are problem solvers... but my Dad is a born engineer (Science grad in education) and his Degree in Personnel management was put best in use all these years in professional and personal front!
Well as of now and now onwards for my dad, "Relaxing" is of the highest priority and atlast the day has arrived when my Dad's going to see the sun after it is up above in the sky rather than greeting him...
As I was about to go to sleep, my Dad who was watching IPL cricket, laughed and said...
"Well... I have given my alarm clock some rest!!!" and his retirement has just sunk in!!
No time for anything else today I thought...

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