Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Promotion and Extortion!

After all the hue and cry at last the most deserving candidates in our team have been given promotions... All the very best to my friends Sonu and Bejoy...
Tomorrow is the big day when all our team mates are going out for class (tats what verma calls!) and that is the place where we are going to study the spirits and their influence when taken on the rocks!!

IPL2 is fast turning out to be game of golden oldies... Tendulkar is in scintillating form and so is Sanath who is turning 40 in June! In the meantime...
Bangalore Royal challengers are prob just enjoying their beers rather than trying to play!! The golden oldie rule somehow misses them by more than a whisker... This team when told that it was a test team, last season, is proving that now every bit of that... heck they even turned KP in to a test bat!! He doesn't even know the changes that are made in the team for the game!! His experience has made us lose 4 games in a row and Vijay Mallya will be kicking himself... He has been extorted! It would make a lot of sense to dump the whole team minus Dravid and come back home for good!!

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